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General Terms and Conditions

When you make a booking with us, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any queries regarding these terms, please do not hesitate to get in touch prior to making a booking.



Cat:   shall mean any animal that we agree to provide Services for, cat or otherwise;

The Company, us, we, I:    shall mean Harrow Cat Sitting Company;

The Customer, you, your:    shall mean the person who instructs us to carry out the Service and is responsible for paying for the Service;


Service:    shall mean the service that we agree to provide in respect of caring for your cat, or the service we agree in respect of walking your dog; and

Service start date:    shall mean the first date on which we commence the care of your cat, the date we transport your cat to and from the veterinary surgery or the date on which we walk your dog.



1.1)  You must provide us with details on how to contact you while you are away, including a 24 hour contact telephone number, email address and hotel contact details where applicable (for use in emergencies).

1.2)  You are responsible for making us aware of any special needs your cat may have, including any illnesses or medical conditions.

1.3)  We reserve the right to refuse a booking if your cat is very ill. Should we agree to care for a cat that is ill, we shall follow your instructions when administering any required medication but we shall not be liable for any complications to your cat’s health as a result of this (save where are we deemed to have acted negligently).  We can make no amendment to your instructions in respect of administering any medication without your express consent.

1.4)  You must notify us if you are travelling to a destination where telephone or email contact will be difficult. This is important in case we need to reach you in an emergency.

1.5)  If there is a change to your return date, you must notify us immediately so that we can continue to care for your cat until you return. Any additional care days will be charged at the standard rates.



2.1)   We will provide the Service as mutually agreed between both parties.


2.2)  You must pay for the Service in full and in advance of the Service start date.


2.3)  You acknowledge and accept that the Service may be carried out by two Company representatives (for clarification, this may occur for reasons of safety where a female sitter does not wish to enter a property alone).

2.4)  Where you book our vet transportation service, we will collect your cat and transport it by car, and return it to your home following the vet's appointment unless alternative arrangements are agreed by both parties. If your vet's surgery has no (free) parking available, we will transport your cat by public transport. You must provide a suitable cat basket.  If you require, we will spend a maximum of 30 minutes in your home with your cat after the vet's visit (in the event that you are not there yourself) to monitor their health for any ill after effects. We will provide you with a full update of the vet's findings. Where we agree to care for your cat for the whole day at our own premises, it is your responsibility to collect your cat from us (unless otherwise agreed by both parties).


3.1)  You must provide us with details of your regular vet prior to the Service start date. In the event of a medical emergency while you are away, we will take your cat to its regular vet.

3.2)  You are responsible for paying any medical treatment your cat receives while you are away and you acknowledge that this may involve payment by credit card over the phone or by automated bank transfer. You further acknowledge that you may be required to speak to your vet (by phone) to grant permission for any treatment required by your cat.  In instances where you are away on holiday and your cat requires around the clock monitoring following emergency medical treatment, you must make arrangements for your cat to be kept in a pet hospital or with friends/family until you return home. We cannot provide 24 hour care unless it has been discussed by both parties and agreed by us no less than seven days in advance of the Service start date. If arranged, such care will incur an additional fee to be mutually agreed by both parties in advance of the Service start date.

3.3)  We cannot pay any vets fees in connection with medical treatment required by your cat. A plan in respect of payment of emergency medical fees must be agreed in writing between both parties prior to the Service start date.


4)     KEYS


4.1)  You must provide us with a functioning house key. The parties shall agree a mutually convenient time for keys to be collected and returned.


4.2)  We shall store your key securely at all times but, in the event that we misplace it, we shall be liable for the cost of replacing your door lock to main your security.


5.1)  You are responsible for ensuring that all necessary supplies are provided in order for us to carry out the Service, including but not limited to, cat food, cat litter, litter cleaning supplies, suitable leads where you require us to walk your cat or dog and dog poop scoops.

5.2) Should we need to replenish supplies to maintain your cat's welfare, you agree that you shall reimburse these costs subject to us providing a purchase receipt. 



6.1)  Payment must be made in full prior to the Service start date by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Where payment is not received in accordance with these terms, we reserve the right to refuse to carry out the Service.


7.1)  Where you need to cancel a booking with us, there is no cancellation fee but we request that any cancellation be notified to us no later than 48 hours prior to the Service start date to enable us to accept other bookings.

7.2) Where we need to cancel a booking, we shall incur no liability to you, financial or otherwise in respect of such cancellation. Where we cancel before the Service start date, any monies paid to us by you shall be returned in full. For clarification, we do not cancel bookings after the Service start date. Where we are prevented from carrying out the Service by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, we shall source a reliable replacement cat sitter to ensure your cat continues to be cared for until your return. Should such replacement cat sitter incur an additional fee, this shall be borne by us.


8.1)  Where you instruct us to allow your cat outdoors, we shall not be liable for any cats that become lost or injured, whether fatal or otherwise.  If you instruct us to take your cat for a walk on a lead, you must provide a suitably fitting cat lead.

8.2)  We shall dispose of your cat’s litter in your household waste bin.  You must notify us of any special disposal instructions where applicable.


9.1)  You must provide us with details of whom to contact in the event of an emergency relating to your property.

9.2)  We recommend that you provide us with details of utility service points, for example the water supply stopcock.

9.3)  You are responsible for setting any heating/thermostat timer devices, but we request that you ensure this is set at a suitable level for your cat's comfort.


9.4)  Where your house is alarmed, you must provide us with the means to turn off the alarm and reset it.




10.1) We highly respect your privacy and confirm that your personal details shall be kept private and confidential at all times. We will not share your personal data with any third party. The data that you provide to us shall be used solely for the purpose of carrying out the Service.

10.2) If you provide us with your email address, we may add you to our mailing list but only with your express written consent to do so.



11.1) We carry Public Liability insurance. 

11.2) It is your sole responsibility to carry your own buildings, contents and pet insurances (and any other necessary insurances)


12.1) Any variation to the terms contained herein must be agreed in writing between both parties, prior to the Service start date.


13.1) We shall not be liable or be deemed in breach of these terms if we are unable to carry out the Service due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. 

13.2)  We shall not be liable for any damage done by your cat to your property or any one else's property.

13.3)  With regard to dog walking, if you have declared your dog as fully trained and well behaved, you shall be held fully liable should your dog attack or be attacked by another dog, or be injured or injure another dog or human during the Service.  As your dog is unfamiliar with us, they will not be allowed off their lead during the Service.

13.2) We shall not be liable for any other persons that have access to your property during or immediately after our services have been rendered.  Please notify us of any other persons that shall be visiting your home so that we do not mistake them for intruders.  We recommend that you also make them aware of our visits.

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