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1.  Can you look after any other pets?


Yes we can. We are primarily a cat sitting service  but, if you have a different pet that needs looking after in your absence, get in touch to see if we can help.  


2.  Does your service only include set timings of 30 or 60 minutes?

No. Our standard rates include either 30 minutes or an hour with your cat but, if your needs differ, we will be happy to discuss and agree different timings.

3.  Do you only cover Harrow?

As we're based in Harrow, this and its surrounding towns are the areas that we can cover with ease, however, we can cover other areas. If you live in West or NW London and need a cat sitter, get in touch with us and, if we can help, we most certainly will.

3.  Who carries out the cat sitting?

The owner of the Company carries out cat sittings.  In the unlikely event that she cannot conduct a visit, another cat sitter vetted by us will carry out the service. We guarantee never to miss a scheduled visit to your cat.

4.  Can I continue to let my cat out?

Our recommendation is that you don't let your cat out while you're away, but we do appreciate that not all cats are litter trained. If you do want us to let your cat out during our visit, our main concern is that he/she may not come back in when we call them (or they may come to harm while out), so we feel that it's really only an option if you have a cat flap that allows your cat to let him/herself back in whenever they're ready. You'll need to be prepared to leave the cat flap open 24/7 as we cannot agree to locking your cat out of the house.

5.  How do I pay and do you charge a cancellation fee?

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer, and must be made no later than 48 hours before we are due to start looking after your cat.  In the case of last minute bookings, we usually only accept cash payments (depending on how last minute the booking is). We do not charge cancellation fees, we understand that plans can change at the drop of a hat and we will give you a full refund where we have received payment for a cancelled booking.

6.  How do you collect my keys?

Unlike some cat sitters, we won't charge you a fee to collect your keys. Before we start the cat sitting service, we will discuss with you how best to collect and return your front door key, and a plan that suits both parties will be mutually agreed at that time.  Every precaution is taken in respect of the safety of your key but, in the event that we misplace it, we guarantee to pay for the cost of a new lock for your front door so that you have peace of mind.

7.  Are you insured and security checked?

Yes. We carry public liability insurance and all Company members have disclosure reports  (formerly known as CRB checks). We're happy to show you details on request.

If your question isn't covered above, just email us with your query and we'll respond within 24 hours.

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