Cat Love

Cat's are such wonderfully quirky little creatures. You get cats that will take a cuddle from anyone, and others that shun everyone except their mum or dad. 


We appreciate that each cat is different and we respect this. So, we'll speak to you extensively about your cat's personality and find out what they like and don't like. If they thrive on affection, we'll offer it in abundance, or alternatively, if your cat is not so fond of strangers, we'll just sit quietly with them and let them get accustomed to us on their own terms.  If your cat has a favourite toy or game (plastic bottle top? shoe box?), let us know so that we can encourage playtime every day and they can expend some energy.

We understand that cats of different ages will have different needs, and similarly so will cats of different breeds.

Above all, we promise that we will love your cat as if it were our own (let's face it, that bit's easy, it's impossible not to love a cat!).