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Our Cat Care Service

and Dog Walking Service

Cat Sitting


Before you go away, we will discuss the care of your cat with you, including any special needs that your cat may have.

Once you leave, we'll visit your cat every day and ensure that they're fed and their litter tray is cleaned.  If your cat requires grooming, we'll do this every day.  We'll keep them company, have daily catch up chats (some cats have a lot to say for themselves!), enjoy some play time, and generally just make sure they're happy and well.  We'll keep a watchful eye on kitty and let you know if we spot anything that appears unusual. 

We offer three service levels as follows:

- One visit a day for 30 minutes

- One visit a day for an hour

- Two visits a day consisting of 30 minutes each

We'll send you daily updates, including photos and/or video clips so that you can see how your cat is doing. If you want to do a Skype or Facetime call, we're happy to accommodate that too (as long you don't mind us hopping onto your wifi - we won't use your wifi for anything other than contacting you).


We can administer medication (tablets or liquid medication only, not injections), but we do need to know before accepting a booking if your cat is unwell as, if your cat is ill, we cannot look after it if we feel that 30 or 60 minutes will be inadequate to keep an eye on them.  We ask in all cases that you provide contact details for your regular vet so that, in the event of an emergency, your cat is seen by a vet that is familiar with you and your pet. You will need to cover the cost of any medical fees directly with your vet at the time of treatment (ie by credit card over the phone or an online payment).  If your cat falls ill while you're away and they require 24 hour attention, we can care for them in our own home so that they have around the clock care until you return.

If you want us to let your cat out, we will always stay at your house for the designated time in case your cat pops in for a visit (because we won't really be happy until we've seen that they're okay).

If you require a cat care service that isn't set out here, don't be afraid to ask because, if we can help you and your kitty, we will.  We can offer a more bespoke service if that's what you require, for example, if you have a kitten, we can board him/her in our own home.  Home boarding prices start from £35 a day, and for this your cat will have unrestricted use of our home (unlike a cattery, where they are restricted to a small pen and often have to be in close proximity to other cats).  We do not board more than one cat at a time.   Your cat will also have access to a garden if you want them to have fresh air, but we will only take your cat out on a lead, they will not be allowed to roam freely (in case they decide they're having too much fun to come back inside!).  Feel free to contact us if you want to find out more.

Vet Transportation

We offer a vet transportation service for when you can't make the trip yourself.  We'll collect your cat, take them to the vet, stay with them for however long is necessary and then drop them back home.  If you're not home when we return, we'll stay with them for at least half an hour to look out for any after effects. We will give you a full update on the vet's findings. If a decision regarding your cat's treatment is required on the spot by your vet, we'll call you at that time so that you can authorise the treatment and organise payment. If your cat is having a serious procedure and you want us to look after them for the whole day once the vet releases them, that's no problem, we will care for kitty in our own home until you get home in the evening (the only time we cannot do this is if we are already home boarding another cat). If it transpires that your cat requires an overnight stay at the vet's, we will happily collect them on another day, it's all included in the price.

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